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When the disaster hit our life, the children have been experiencing more than they can tolerate in their ordinary life. Adults surrounding children are suffering from disaster themselves, and the children sometime left alone without realization by adults. Many professionals have expressed their difficulties in dealing with children after disaster. We have made easy guideline how to deal with the situation. One is for the nursing professionals how to deal with hospital management for children. The second one is for the children with chronic illness/condition and their family, how to prepare for disaster. The third one is for the family and professionals how to be with the children immediately after the disaster. These guidelines are made from Japanese experiences during Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and other disaster. I hope you can adapt the guideline for your situation and use it accordingly. If there are comments and suggestion, we are welcoming your input.

Child Health Care Development Project

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Project leader: Noriko Katada
Collaborative researcher : Kaduyo Miyake , Kazumi Okada , Kumiko Otsuka ,
Chizu Ohta , Yukiko Nagase
Useful Manuals(For disaster preparedness phase)
Protecting children in hospitals (Care package -Explanatory version)
A guidebook to enable families caring for children at home to exercise self-reliance in emergency situations
Useful Manuals(For recovery restoration phase)
Children who are living in a disaster area (Support for affected families)
Children who are living in a disaster area (What nurses can do)

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