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Useful manuals : Patients with chronic disease
Nursing Care for Patients with Diabetes, Rheumatic Disease and Chronic Respiratory Disease.

Overcoming Disasters

We never know when disasters will strike.This booklet has been prepared based on the results of investigations into actual circumstances of disasters experienced in the past, to help you detect unusual physical and mental conditions and provide appropriate self-care as soon as possible in the event of disaster.

This page describes "Physical self-care," "Changes in mental health conditions," "Preventing the deterioration of diabetes," "Medication control," "Importance of having medical examinations," "Preparing for evacuations" and other information that will be helpful after a disaster occurs.

You should thoroughly read this page whenever possible, write down the necessary information and fill in the checklists, to prepare yourself for disasters.

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Useful Manuals(Patients with chronic disease)
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Rheumatic Disease
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Chronic Respiratory Disease
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Disaster phase
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