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Useful manuals : Elderly
Care for Elderly People, their Families and Nurse

Research Activities of Elderly Project Group

Elderly people, as with children and the disabled, are considered "vulnerable population" in the case of disasters in terms of living and maintaining good health following a disaster as has generally been pointed out.

With the aim of developing a mid to long-term care package for such elderly victims after disasters, to determine their needs and to prepare care repertoires the following studies had been implemented: (1) literature review about the care needs of elderly victims living in shelters and temporary housing unit and (2) a survey to determine the care needs and repertories of the care of living in public housing for the victims.

Next, based on this result, we will continue our research projects the following activities: (1) Making a care package of a comprehensive assessment tool and care plan according to disaster phases, (2) Making a prototype care package designed to be operated on mobile PCs in the case of a disaster, (3) Evaluation and modification of the prototype care package, (4) Workshop for nurses attending elderly care in disaster, (4) Making a pamphlet for elderly people and their families.
Useful Manuals(For recovery restoration phase)
Nursing care provider guidance for elderly in shelters following disasters
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Nursing care provider guidance for elderly in temporary housing following disasters
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