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One year has passed since we were accredited(/designated) as a WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing in Disasters and Health Emergency Management on May 24th 2007. During the year, many disasters have occurred both in Japan and abroad.

As the collaborating center, we are producing guidelines for the general public to prepare for disasters and specific guidelines for the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and mothers with new born babies.

We were able to publish these guidelines on the internet in Chinese soon after the massive Sichuan Earthquake in China which occurred on May 12th. Many people including Chinese students contributed as volunteers to translate the guidelines into Chinese. We are also seeking ways to offer help to victims(/survivers) of the cyclone in Myanmar.

Disaster Nursing has been acknowledged nationally and internationally as an important area of study in which practice, education and research are promoted.

Necessity in the reality is a starting point that leads to systemizing collected knowledge and skills in the academic field. We, the WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing in Disasters, earnestly seek to establish and provide education/training programs relating to Disaster Nursing. Through research, we also hope to produce effective nursing care methods that meet the health conditions of people in post disaster situations.

I request and appreciate your continuing support and cooperation.

May, 2008
Research Institute of Nursing Care for People and Community
Executive Director
Aiko Yamamoto